STL Makina

Our company was established in order to produce assembly & manufacturing lines, special-purpose machinery and turn-key projects, including automation service to meet the needs and demands of all our customers who is the main and sub-industry, in particular automotive industry.
Our goal is to support all companies operating in the sector, in line with their demands and needs and also contribute to Turkey's growing economy and to gain momentum. It is a national policy for us to carry our 17 years of knowledge and experience in this field from national to global borders.

Quality Policy

Producing in an environment that respects the environment and society and is happy with its employees, without sacrificing quality; Blending its experience, technology and the sensitivity it shows to developing customer needs, STL is constantly committed to developing and producing machines that offer more practical and precise solutions.

This knowledge and our experience in producing CNC machines Bursa from Turkey after assessing worldwide in the larger diameter will be a national duty for us.

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STL Makina

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